Premium Placenta Collagen
KANSAIBO Premium placenta collagen
KANSAIBO Premium placenta collagen
KANSAIBO Premium placenta collagen
Premium Placenta Collagen

Premium Placenta Collagen

¥ 18,000



Premium Placenta Collagen

12g x 30 packets

A beauty essence that luxuriously contains the finest collagen, vitamin C, torula yeast, and horse placenta!

Active ingredients: Fish skin collagen 3,000 mg, horse placenta extract 100 mg, vitamin C 100 mg, citrulline 40 mg, plant enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, torula yeast extract

Special 1: For those who’s like “I want to drink plenty of collagen but I don't want to get fat!”. It contains plenty of the finest fish collagen (derived from fish skin)!

Special 2: Luxuriously blended ingredients that are compatible with collagen!

Horse placenta extract

We use horse placenta extract which is extracted without destroying the three-dimensional structure of cell growth factors contained in the placenta. This is the special placenta that contains FGF / EGF which could help you to experience the original effect of animal placenta. It is indeed fundamentally different from other placenta containing only nutrients.

Yeast extract containing natural cysteine

Certified by the FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) as an edible yeast, it is rich in amino acids as has long been considered as a protein source. In particular, it contains abundant ingredients that are easily reduced in the human body when struggling with stress and high intensity exercise. It is also a nutritious edible yeast extract because it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, and dietary fiber.

Beautiful ally Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is one of the water-soluble vitamins. It is found in various foods, especially in fruits and vegetables. People need to get enough vitamin C every day because we cannot synthesize vitamin C in our bodies. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to physical disorders such as anemia, rough skin, and tiredness, so it is important to take plenty of vitamin C at the same time as collagen. One lemon contains 20mg of vitamin C, but this product contains the amount of vitamin C equal to that of five lemons. Eating 5 lemons every day is very difficult, so let’s take vitamin C effectively using this product.

This product contains the highest quality collagen derived from additive-free fish skin.

※The quality of fish collagen varies greatly depending on the "part" of the fish.

In general, many manufacturers make collagen from fish scales.