Happy kids
Happy kids

Children's support supplement Happy Kids

Children's support supplement Happy Kids

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Eat well! Study hard! Grow sustainably!

       Children's support supplement



Three points to support children!

1.Grow sustainably!Nutrition support!

The fundamental of a child's body is bone. An ideal balance of calcium and magnesium in ratio 2:1 is essential for bone health.

In addition, it contains both water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins! You Kids can get all the vitamins that are essential for their growth.

Moreover, it also contains ingredients that support body building, such as vitamin D and algin, so your kids can get all the ingredients that their bodies need to take!

2.Health Support!

Specially formulated with the patented lactic acid bacterium-producing substance PS-B1!

Lactic acid bacteria-producing substances are fermented metabolites produced by good bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria.

Unlike lactic acid bacteria, it is attracting attention as a new ingredient that works directly on the body!

※ Manufacturing method patent:5918290(Japan)

3.Study Support!

Calm and concentrate!

Double combination of GABA and DHA to support your kids’s study time!

In addition!

Produced in Japan

This product is manufactured in Japan so that it is firmly believed that it is safe and trustable to use to support your invaluable children’s health. Delicious to eat continuously

We are particular about the taste so that children can use it comfortably and deliciously.

A yogurt-flavored tablet with a gentle sweetness that children love.

As it is a tablet that can be chewed and eaten, even children who have difficulty swallowing can enjoy it with confidence.